Lambeth council are about to sign a 15-year lease with ‘Putt in the Park’ to allow them to cover a large area of common land with hardcore and artificial plastic grass.

They are planning to convert the old Bowling Greens, on common land, into a fake mini-golf course as a private commercial enterprise for financial gain.

There has been no public consultation or engagement with the community at large. To date there has been no disclosure from ‘Putt in the Park’ or Lambeth regarding exact quantities of hardcore and plastic grass to be used.

Given that we are in the middle of a climate crisis and we have had a stern reminder just how precious our green spaces truly are, this is a tone-deaf project that must not be allowed to proceed.

We are also suffering a major global pandemic brought about by our negligence, and disrespect for the natural world so the need for change is urgent and we must act now!

The Friends of Clapham Common will be fighting the application for this project at every turn, and we will keep you fully informed of developments and the part you can play!

Please sign our petition here

Please sign our petition

Why it is important

We are in a climate crisis and open green space is the greatest asset we have.
 We should be planting trees not laying down plastic.
 Clapham Common belongs to the people, it belongs to us and if this project goes ahead, we will lose access to a special area of the Common.

David Attenborough has made it clear, it’s up to each and every one of us to protect the natural world, make it our number one priority.
You can help by signing this petition.
Thank you!

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